Sealand Magnum Opus Toilet Compatible Controller Board


This controller board is plug and play compatible with the SeaLand Magnum Opus Model 3000 Series Gravity Discharge Toilets. This BUNDLE includes all wires and switches needed for easy installation.

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This controller board is plug and play compatible with the SeaLand Magnum Opus Model 3000 Series Gravity Discharge Toilets.

The board has an OLED display to show the status of the switches and the operational state of the flapper, motor, and water valve. This is easier to understand than the multiple LED’s on the original board. It supports the same functions, including three water levels, a Service mode to open the flapper for cleaning and lubing the seal, and a Manual Operation mode if you want to try to manually operate the mechanism through the hole in the side of the porcelain.

Early Opus model mechanisms had a metal arm and a flat head screw slot to manually open and close the flapper, Later models had a plastic arm with a flat screwdriver slot and a 7/16” hex head. It is possible to damage the plastic arm version with manual operation and it may fail shortly after. The metal one is more durable, but it is tough to manually operate. Some Opus models that do not even have the hole in the porcelain.

The new controller board is housed in an enclosure for improved protection for the circuit board and its components. Additional circuitry has been included to protect against static and other noise and transient spikes. The software has safety code that will detect a blocked flapper, stop the motor to prevent damage, and set an error code with a text display on the display. Once you clear the blockage, you can put the controller into Service Mode to clear the error, then put it back in Normal mode and retry the operation.

There are two models of the original control boards.. One has two switches on the left hand side, and the other, later one has a switch on each side with an additional Manual Operation mode available by moving the right hand switch to the right position. This compatible board will replace either board.

If you are buying one as a spare, we recommend you take out your working controller and install the new controller so you can make sure it works. You will be able to safely store your original working controller as a spare in the anti-static bag and shipping box that the new controller will arrive in.

The 8 position cable to the mechanism can be pretty short and make getting to the screws holding the cable connector to the board somewhat of a challenge without removing the toilet. Many users have found that the optional extension 8-position cable makes it much easier to access the security screw on the connectors for future work. There are also options for the other two cables as well as a 3mm screwdriver to remove the security screws on the connectors and replacement limit switches if yours need replacing.

Common failure modes on the original controller are that the flapper fails to open or close. This is just a result of components on the aging original board failing to operates as originally designed and is normally resolved with this replacement controller. Motor failures are rare. Occasionally the limit switches do need replacement and they are available as an option. Please contact us for guidance on the replacement and adjustment of the limit switches.

This board is designed to be compatible with 12V and 24V DC systems. Please contact us if you plan to install the controller in a 24V system so we can confirm the details with you.

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