We are proud owners of a 2005 Monaco Signature Commander IV motorhome and we have found in our term of ownership that some of the systems are starting to fail. Not surprising because they are over 15 years old.

There are an encouraging number of systems that are still supported by their manufacturers, but unfortunately some of the manufacturers are no longer in business, or the products used when motorhomes of this vintage were manufactured are no longer manufactured or supported.

We experienced a failure of our Sealand/Magnum Opus toilet control board and found that they were no longer available. My professional career is in embedded systems and rather than replace the toilet, I decided to build a replacement controller for myself as a technical challenge.

When I shared my controller with other RV owners that also have the Sealand/Magnum Opus toilet, they asked if I would make one for them too. It was not practical to use the same technique as my personal controller, so I created a new version that was manufacturable in small quantities. This has helped many RV owners to repair a failed toilet controller, or let them have a backup controller board so that a trip is not made unpleasant by their controller failing.

We have developed skills in order to get this far, include PCB design, 3D Printing, and integration of various components and building blocks that we are leveraging for additional products that you will see on this website.

Before RVUpdate.com. all sales have required personal interaction with me. We created this website so that we could make all the information available to people and they could place orders directly.

We will continue to expanding the product line and have some additional products already under development, and we welcome suggestions for new products.

Thanks for your continuing support and suggestions!